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A Goodbye Letter From The Addict To The Addiction

Let us help you let go of the baggage and rediscover the person you want to be for you and your loved ones. We promise it is a decision you will not regret. Our team is here for you seven days a week for physical and emotional support.

I acted differently around my friends, I ditched school to be with you, I even spent my hard-earned money on you. What you do with your completed letter is up to you. Many people choose to keep the letter in a safe place where they can revisit it occasionally for inspiration or to see how far they’ve come since writing it. Others choose to destroy their letters as a sign of being done with their addiction once and for all.

goodbye letter to alcohol

I even let my other relationships disintegrate because of how strongly I felt towards you. By the time Glover was 16, his letter said, he became a «stoner/druggie,» and not by accident. «I tried because I had made a decision to find it,» he wrote. Next up was LSD, which he took «on a regular basis,» and by 17, amphetamines.

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When he was 8, his parents allowed him to start drinking on New Year’s Eve. And by the time he was 12, he was vomiting from drinking goodbye letter to alcohol too much. Some of us have been using drugs and alcohol for five, ten, even twenty years, going in and out of drug and alcohol rehab.

goodbye letter to alcohol

He told me I didn’t have to fight you alone. Like all unhealthy relationships, it’s time for you to end things with your addiction once and for all.

Actually, I take that back – you did give. You gave me heartaches and burned bridges.

Goodbye Letter To Drugs And Abuse

When they finally let me go home, I immediately ran right to you and we would be back to our ways together. This is the longest we have ever been apart. The first week or so was terrible without you. I kept waking up sweating bullets and trembling in fear that this might really be the end to our decade long courtship. We started out like any other friendship, getting together during the weekends or on special occasions. We had some really great times together that is for sure. Breaking rules and hearts, running from the law, hitting triple digits on the freeway, and endless laughs at our rebellious life we lived together.

  • Sometimes I could easily drink a couple of bottles of wine and feel nothing at all.
  • When things began to look up, you grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me right back into the mess.
  • Without you, I am returning to the life and people I once loved because I know they still love me.
  • You transformed me from a bright-eyed and innocent child into a hardened shell of a woman with a disgust for herself and mistrust for those around her.
  • Butch Glover, a state licensed and nationally certified addiction counselor, accepted his role as Chief Operations Officer in 2015.
  • You robbed me of my independence and freedom.

I started having significant consequences, totaled a car, got into multiple accidents and lost my life because of you. You destroyed my life causing hurt, confusion and pain – a lot of pain. When we first met, I just knew we would be life-long friends and for a long time, we had a blast together. You brought out the exciting, fun, relaxed, invincible girl. I was fearless, I could dance, talk, flirt with guys and not worry about what others thought about me. Free from anxiety, stress, and worry.

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It’s been a long time since I left you and that graveyard; it’s been around a year. I still despise you for what you’ve done to me and what you’ve forced me to do to the people I care about. Whether you’re a rising alcoholic or a heroin addict, it is difficult to get through the day.

And to do all of this, I need you out of my life. «It became frighteningly clear to me how lucky I am to still have any chance whatsoever at leading a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life,» he wrote. Things that allow us to take a look back at where we were during one of our lowest lows, and remind us of what we have experienced on our journey toward recovery. One of those powerful tools seems simple enough, but can change a lot, and that’s a goodbye letter to addiction. Moving on is still important to our mental and physical health, as well as every other aspect of our lives. It may also be beneficial to write a goodbye addiction letter. It may also support them in putting down in writing what they would otherwise find difficult to express verbally.

goodbye letter to alcohol

I could see the gravity of the moment by the expressions on their faces, a look of desperation. I still did not understand, though, what the problem was with our growing friendship? You filled me up inside when I was empty, something neither they nor anyone else could do.

I thought it was “them,” it couldn’t be you because you were my friend. Drug abuse brought more pain and suffering than the joy of that temporary high ever did. Time to say goodbye, it can still be difficult to let go of something that has become a habit for so many years. You assured me that everything would be OK if I surrendered control of my life to you. I think saying goodbye to you will be the most difficult thing I’ll ever have to do. You’ve been here for a long time, and I assumed you’d never go. It’s exciting to envision what the future holds and what dreams you want to achieve.

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And your connection with your drug of choice is similar to a terrible love relationship. You may be aware that it is poisonous and harmful, but you still find it difficult to quit.

  • I had to admit my complete powerlessness over you in order to release your grip on my existence.
  • A goodbye addiction letter might be one method to help you on your path.
  • Some of us have been using drugs and alcohol for five, ten, even twenty years, going in and out of drug and alcohol rehab.
  • But these glimpses, combined with my sisters’ recollections, provided all the information I need to know.

It really helped me to understand, for the first time, what was driving her destructive behavior. You would allow me to “cool it” for a while but then come storming back with a vengeance, causing havoc in my life. You were right, it was hard–and sometimes it still is. Sometimes I could easily drink a couple of bottles of wine and feel nothing at all.

After a while, you started to tell me that I didn’t need anyone else. I should abandon my friends, shut out my family. You advised me that I was too smart for school. Attempts to quit had varying degrees of success. By 20, his mother forced him into rehab, and sobriety lasted two and a half months . He tried to kick cocaine, but the longest he managed was just over one year. «The second longest was roughly six months,» he wrote.

Goodbye To Alcohol

She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee. Cindy Patterson accepted her role as Chief Development and Marketing Officer in 2019. Of Development for Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, a position she held for 10 years after serving as Development Director for Nashville Read. Before her many years in fundraising, Cindy was the Manager of Premium Services for American Airlines. Butch Glover, a state licensed and nationally certified addiction counselor, accepted his role as Chief Operations Officer in 2015. Dr. Sledge served on the board of directors for the American Society of Addiction Medicine and was among the first physicians to receive certification from them. The shackles you held me in and the steel rope you bound me with will not be missed.

My weekend friend with with the fellas. I’m the one that dragged you along into my adult days.

As he wrote, the nature of his work «almost embraced my addictions.» I’m choosing life over you, for you truly are the death of me.

  • But now I’m going to take all that control back of everything you took from me, and start doing the right things in life for now on.
  • The shackles you held me in and the steel rope you bound me with will not be missed.
  • And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older.
  • We had our routine and we were sticking to it.
  • Call or schedule a meeting for a complimentary assessment with a teen treatment expert.
  • The letter may relay humor and the lighter side of drinking before alcoholism took ahold.

If you write your letter as part of an addiction treatment group or in a counseling session, you may be able to share it with others. Doing so can help you relate to others suffering from drug abuse and help you realize you are not alone. Your letter can also serve as a source of inspiration for others.

There is a movement of people who are rising up above your influence and we are saying we want more for our lives. I will no longer allow you to rob me of who I truly am or create unnecessary chaos in my life. I know I’m better off not associating with you whatsoever going forward and I’m thankful I finally gained the courage to stand up to you and say NO. For me, it was such a love-hate bond we had under the false pretense that I “needed” you to have fun, be social or to handle my emotions and stress. You had a way about you that made drinking seem like some kind of luxurious necessity. You preyed on my curiosity and then you sunk your teeth in with the hook that “all the cool kids” hang out with you so maybe I should too. You brought more stress and heart ache to my life than happiness.

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Because of you, I ended up doing things that I never in a million years thought I would be capable of doing. You turned me into what I hated more than anything else. You robbed me of my independence and freedom. Bad decisions are far and few and if I do happen to make one it’s comforting to know you had nothing to do with it.

It’s been quite some time now since I left you and that grave; that was 5 years and some change ago. I still hate you; I still hate what you’ve done to me and what you made me do to the people I loved. Both letters are a great example of how to write your goodbye letter to alcohol. Part of Step 4 involves making a list of persons one has harmed by their drinking.

I know I’ll never completely forget my first love – no one ever really does. Now you’ve been out of my life for three years. I realize when I first left you, I never properly said goodbye. I guess back then, when I first got sober, I wasn’t confident that I would stay that way. I’m taking enormous strides in my life. The letter above is just an example, and yours should be focused on your own experience and feelings.

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